My name is Bruno,
and I develop awesome apps
for iOS, OSX and Android
as well as Websites

Here is What I know

  • iOS


    I learned objective-c for iOS through an iTunesU course from Stanford. Currently working on two apps that will hit the app store before the end of this year

  • OSX


    When I bought my first macbook I fell in love with it. I wanted to be part of this piece of wonder and then my very first project SoundCocoa was born. Expected to be in the app store anytime soon

  • OSX


    JAVA was one of the languages I did learn in college. At first I tried something for desktops, but it didn't feel right. When Android came to the market I knew I should try something.

Current Work


SoundCocoa is a full fledged SoundCloud client for OSX. The main goal of this app is to bring SoundCloud to the desktop and help users to organize their favorite songs and artists in an iTunes like interface. The motivation behind SoundCocoa resides in the fact that, as of 2014, there isn't any other native SoundCloud clients for OSX in the app store. There's so much resources OSX offers to a desktop app, like it's notification center, possibility to track income data such as messages and activities while the user is using another app and flexible user interface, all things that could make SoundCloud even greater. The app is about to be submitted and will hit the app store anytime soon.

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